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Name:Adam Conant | The Secret Circle (Books)
Name: Adam Conant
Eye Color: Blue-Grey
Hair color: Auburn
Powers: Can control fire and water
Canon Point: Set after The Secret Circle: The Power
Physical Description: Adam has dark red hair, auburn almost like the color of wine. When the light shines on it it shows off different hues, some almost purple, some like a burgundy wine, and there were stray gold strands filtering into it all. Tall with blue-grey eyes that can draw you in that look like the sea. He isn't what you'd call conventional handsome. High cheekbones, and a determined mouth team up with his charismatic eyes.

Bio: Adam was born on November 5TH, 1975 to Adrian and Elizabeth Conant. He barely remembers his parents as within the first year he was alive both his parents were killed. He was always told it was a hurricane, and he was raised by his maternal grandmother Mrs. Franklin. He was born within a month of all the other kids in The Club, second oldest, a few days younger than Nick Armstrong. He grew up on Crowhaven Road with the other children who were descendant from witches leaving from Salem, Massachusetts. Others part of his coven are Nick Armstrong, Diana Meade, Faye Chamberlain, Chris and Doug Henderson (twins), Deborah Armstrong, Melanie Glaser, Laurel Quincey, Suzan Whittier, Sean Dulany, and Cassie Blake.

Adam meets Cassie Blake for the first time at Cape Cod while he was on a search to find the Master Tools used by the original coven. She saves him from Portia's brothers, who are witch hunters and had a gun. He gives her a chalcedony rose and tells her when she is in trouble to hold it and think of him. He leaves her then. After this he finds an island where he finds a crystal skull used by the original coven leader Black John. This he takes home where he reunites with his girlfriend since they were children, Diana Meade. Though complicating things was Cassie Blake. She turns out to be his soul mate, their hearts bound together by a silver cord. Though they make a blood bond that they would not betray Diana, after they share a passionate kiss. Faye finds out and without Adam knowing she uses this to hold over Cassie to get her to betray Diana. Adam also becomes jealous when Cassie begins dating Nick Armstrong.

Things become dark soon after with the return of Black John who seeks to take over the coven, and with finding out Cassie is really Black John's daughter. They search for the Mater Tools knowing they need them to defeat the man who is now walking amongst them. They gather even with Sean spying for Black John, and Faye under her control. After they elect Cassie as leader they go and fight, even as Cassie tells them to stay behind. They follow her, and in the end Faye turns and helps them defeat Black John. When the battle ends Adam is surprised when Diana lets him go, knowing he was in love with Cassie and would only love her. That they were soul mates. He holds Cassie's hand, and kisses her cheek to the disappointment of everyone else, whispering a promise of later to Cassie.

Disclaimer: Muse and mun over 18. Adam Conant is not mine, he belongs to LJ Smith and her book series The Secret Circle. Chace Crawford doesn't belong to me either, just using his face for Adam. Adam in this journal will remain strictly book canon should The CW pick up the show, if i like show Adam he'll get his own journal. Easier seeing as the two are different already.

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adam conant, adrian conant, black john, by a silver cord, cassie blake, chalcedony, chalcedony rose, chris henderson, deborah armstrong, diana meade, doug henderson, elizabeth conant, faye chamberlain, fire, fire and water, lj smith, master tools, melanie glaser, mrs franklin, new salem, new salem high, new salem mass, new salem massachusetts, nick armstrong, powers, sean dulany, soul mates, spells, suzan whittier, the circle, the club, the coven, the secret circle, water, witch
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